ARRI Meta Extract

ARRI's digital cameras can acquire metadata during recording. Metadata not only describes the file itself but can transport other information, like details on the camera settings, sensor speed, or a look file. These static types of metadata can be combined with dynamic metadata where the values change while shooting – like lens data information from the Lens Data System.

The complete metadata information is stored in ALEXA or AMIRA output formats: ARRIRAW, MXF/ARRIRAW, ProRes, and DNxHD. Also, the sidecar files *.ale and *.xml carry some of that information.

ARRI Meta Extract is available as a GUI (graphical user interface) for Mac OS X, Windows x64, Ubuntu, or CMD (command line) application for Mac OS X, Windows x64, Cent OS, Ubuntu, and SLES.

This software does not support ALEXA 35, please refer to our combined ARRI Reference Tool (ART) for viewing, rendering, look file creation, or metadata extraction with ALEXA 35.

New features of AME 4.4

  • Extraction of new lens metadata for lens converter hardware
    e.g. Signature Zoom Extender 1.7x 
    • Model Name
    • Serial Number
    • Physical Length
    • Light Loss Factor
    • Focal Length Multiple

Please read AME Release Notes for important information or changes. 

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